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Sartene (Sar-TEN) is located in Corse de Sud (Corsica's southern region) in the southwest corner of the island. A good-sized mountain village, views are dominated by its medieval stone fortress houses, their foundations only partially emerged from the towering granite hillside; and a green medley of vineyards and farms dotting the fertile valleys below.

Its reputation somewhat mysterious and forbidding, Sartene's history is ripe with intrigue. Close enough to the sea to make it valuable for invaders, Sartene was a persistently attacked by pirates in the middle ages. What followed was a long history of lawlessness and bloody vendettas, leaving a legacy of stronghold-style architecture.

Today, Sartene is a charming, authentic village with long, twisting cobblestone streets, a well-preserved inner medieval village, and a range of businesses and shops catering to locals and tourists alike.

Saturday mornings in the town square, you will find a farmer's market abounding with rich colors and flavors, which showcases local cheeses, fresh produce, charcuterie and some of the best wines on the island.

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