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Lumio (LOOM-e-yo). Perched high upon the hillside across the bay of Calvi, Lumio's terraced stone buildings have basked in golden light for centuries. Not only does its name translate to "light", but Lumio is reputed to have been the center of a sun-worshiping cult in ancient times. At the end of the day, the show continues with exquisite sunsets flooding the skies above Calvi's Citadelle and La Revelatta in the distance.

Taking a leisurely promenade along Lumio's main street, visitors soon find themselves at the town square, dominated by the Chappelle San Pietro. This church, founded in the eleventh century, is picturesque with some of its original Romanesque features still intact. It's bell tower is quite striking when silhouetted against the vibrant pinks, golds and reds of the setting sun. Just around the corner at the Place de L'eglise, "U Cafe Di A Mossa" provides casual dining en plein air, where the stars and views of the Balagne region appear to go on forever.

Other intriguing panoramas await for those who take advantages of the steps beckoning to explore life up the hillside. A delightful maze of small stone pathways provides intimate views of the real village life and beauty. Houses are eclectic, nestled into every possible niche. Over the centuries, with limited room to expand against the granite cliffs, villagers have found creative ways to frame vistas and afford numerous moments of beauty in such small spaces.

Leaving the village, direction Calvi, a centuries old cemetery offers beauty and monuments in a sacred and serene place.

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