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L'Ile Rousse (eel-Rew-se) is a lovely costal village north Calvi (Cal-Vee) which affords year-round activity. Its named for the immense rose-red boulders which shelter their harbor marina and long sandy shore. There are cobblestone streets with lovely little shops, a large village square surrounded by Cafés and Plane trees, where they play boules in the sand, near the statue of Pascal Paoli.

There's a wonderful outdoor market featuring an astounding variety of fresh fish, along with local charcuterie, quiches and tarts, spices and regional fromage. Evening strolls along the boulevard are perfect for catching a spectacular sunset, or an aperitif from a local cafe... Or for a change of scene, there's always L'Ile Rouse's movie theatre.

If you want to get a feel for what L'Ile Rouse was like in the early 60's, you might want to try "The Rose Cafe, Love and War in Corsica" by John Hanson Mitchell. It a wonderful read, with detailed descriptions of people, scents and countryside, that are absolutely delicious.

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