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Evisa (e-Visa) is a lovely mountain resort HIGH in the mountains inland from Porto (2,700 ft elevation). While removed from the coast, Evisa gets plenty of visitors as the major GR20 hiking path passes right through. Local restaurants offer good reputations with a variety of outdoor dining options.

Evisa is also known for it's chestnut groves which are celebrated in a fall festival, the nearby Spelunca gorge and the neighboring Forêt d'Aitone, east of Evisa which contains Corsica's oldest and most extensive stand of Laricio pines- having escaped the axes of French & Genoese lumberjacks in the 18th & 19th centuries.

A number of forest trails in various directions provide opportunities for family promenades as well as those a little more serious about their hiking mileage, including a Genoese mule track to the village Ota.


The village itself is old and beautiful, its location of unique ...Innspiring this painted Air France poster painted from the 1930s. Compared to the photo above, you see how little has changed! Everywhere one sees small craftsman touches added that reflect pride in this village.

A plaque near the Air France poster site sums up the sprit of this place:

"If you find yourself in the city of Evisa, it's not by chance... be swept along by this atmosphere as you walk around. Feel, admire, taste and take your time to live." (click on picture for full text)

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