........... La Mer [Mare]

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The Mediterranean sea. Giver of life and beauty, home to endless schools of fish, their colors sparkling just under the pristine surface. As an island, Corsica is surrounded by miles of secluded swimming coves, white sand beaches and rocky shores; all beckon invitingly...

If you are lucky enough to swim in a secluded area with rocky shore, float on your back (yes it's LOVELY in the warm salt water), and listen quietly. You'll hear "click click-ity click click"... a magical sound produced as sea urchins wave and click their spines.

Snorkeling in the clear aqua waters is a wonderful pastime that combines exercise and viewing of fish, and is best at the rocky beaches. Mediterranean fish come in varying sizes (usually smaller near shore) and flashy colors. One fish is totally clear- practically invisible. They can only be seen if you look up and see their shape bobbing just under the water surface.

A swim in this sea is both spiritual and healing; it connects you to where you began.

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