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Corsica has quite a number of roads and paths... and roads that you think MUST be paths because they are so narrow! They skirt along the shores of the winding coastline, up over the high mountain divide and reach far into the back country, uniting all the small villages, towns and cities. Most of them are in good shape, others, especially the more isolated ones, are rather run down. In fact they are of dirt, with plenty of potholes. In the outskirts, people regularly put old pieces of tile, or terrazzo into the deeper road holes for structural support. It also creates a natural speed bump, keeping out most of the cruisers.

My favorite Corsican roads are by the sea, miles from any village. Walking down those roads on our way to a remote beach, the sun warming my body and the scent of the maquis surrounding me, my eyes dart between the scrub plants on the side of the road,

"Is that a variety I haven't seen or smelled yet?" and then I spy a lovely rock partly sunken in the road, "Oh, this one is a keeper, it has a LOT of large pink granite crystals in it", I find that I don't walk nearly as fast as my husband would like. But... those walks are forever burned in my memory. They bring me closest to the simple nature of Corsica, and what I miss the most.

So when you see these pictures of roads, imagine them not as abandoned roads of the scrub, but another place where the spiritual beauty of Corsica lives.

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