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Corsica is full of rocks!

Years ago, an Englishwoman living in Corsica remarked to me in aggravation like she was going mad, l"Everywhere you look there are rocks, rocks and MORE ROCKS!" I still don't understand why she thought that was a bad thing...

For me, rocks are one of Corsica's most charming features. From the high craggy mountains down to the sea, Corsica is solid rock — mainly granite throughout the island, yet there are spectacular areas of limestone in Bonifacio. Everywhere you look there's variations of sparkling rose or cream granite, speckled with bits of tan or silver. In the sunshine, rock cliffs glow like Terra cotta with the loveliest of jewels. Along the roads and cliffs, erosion has created fanciful shapes and carvings of rock, adding to the unique and mysterious countryside.

Corsican river rocks are completely different, with their own special beauty. Forged out of the earth in an surprising variety of colors unique from the countryside—jades, blues, maroons, creams and blacks—as cool and inviting as the streams themselves on a hot summer day.

There's something spiritual about these Corsican rocks with so much history on this beautiful island. For centuries they've been used to craft stone fortresses against invaders, provide shelter for shepherds in the hills, and create picturesque yet practical houses (see middle row-right side picture) and the long winding fences in between. (For more pictures of rocks, see La Mer and La Montagne).



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