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* For a twist on the familiar appetizerCaprese Saladtry Isy's Marinated Cheese and Herb Vinaigrette (from La Casaloha B&B), a variation that is becoming quite popular on Corsica. As spices and cheese age, their flavors become wonderfully enhanced:

  • First Prepare the marinade: In a jar, combine olive oil and dried herbs (Herbs de Provence or Italian). Add small cubes of Feta or Goat cheese to the oil, then marinate in the refrigerator for 1-2 weeks before serving. Note: As you use this mixture, you can keep replenishing the cheese for over a month.
  • Combine with Tomatoes: After bringing marinade to room temperature, prepare tomatoes by either slicing horizontally, as thin wedges or even cubing them, and arrange on the plate.Then drizzle over with the marinade, making sure to include plenty of the cheese.
  • Enjoy as an appetizer with crusty French/Italian bread, OR serve as an entrée, over spaghetti pasta tossed with garlic.


* My favorite meal to recreate at home is Corsican Pizza...While never quite as good as the real thing, it's wonderfully close. To make your own, click here for a number of Corsican pizza recipes you can create at home!


* For Desert, why not enjoy a wonderfully light chocolate cake, a local specialty made from ground chestnut flour (you can substitute regular flour) that is very fudgy. Click here for Isy's Chestnut Chocolate Cake recipe. To read about other Corsican foods and beverages made from chestnuts, Click here.

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