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Watch Corsican news! There's nothing like watching the television of a foreign country to discover similarities and differences around the world. And watching and understanding some of the local issues, events and headlines shifts you from being 'just a tourist' to someone who's interested in what's happening there. French news in general is quite interesting to watch, and Corsican news is even more so!

To watch taped the Corsican news en Francais, click on this link: http://corse.france3.fr/info/

* To watch the latest news broadcast, click on 19/20 under "Toutes les vidéos d'info" on the lower-right side of the webpage.

* To watch individual news segments, choose daily broadcast items under "Les vidéos du jour" (near the top left), or under "Info en continu" (below left).

To display the news full-screen, right-click on the broadcast, click on Zoom from the pop-up menu that appears, and click on the Full Screen option. When done, Press Escape to return to the original size

On Corsica Sera, via France3 TV, you'll see first-rate journalism, produced on a shoestring budget. Their focus isn't just the biggest gory headline. Instead, you'll find stories on charming regional events and local artisan pastimes covering wool gathering, wine and cheese making and the harvesting of cork. You'll also discover a melange of narratives that make up the island's climate; from festivals/theatre/music to governmental issues and political debates. It's intertwining and educational, and a great way to practice your french.


Read the Corsican newspaper! The island has one main newspaper, La Corse Matin (The Corsican morning), and it does an incredible job of covering the entire island each day. This journal covers all of the top news, as well as having local sections in the paper for most of the large/mid-sized cities, including regional/local events which are always fun to read. While available each day from local newspaper venues, it is also available online in a limited format for free. Its a great opportunity to browse the top stories, and see what's happening each day.

To read the Corse Matin newspaper, en Francais, click on this link: http://www.corsematin.com/


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