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Corsican music makes me happy! It's noble and beautiful and heartfelt with haunting harmonies that reflect a people and culture that I love. I used to satisfy my cravings by buying Corsican CDs on infrequent trips to France, but no matter how many CDs I bought, I immediately wanted more! Luckily these days, the availability of Corsican music has blossomed into something easy for ANYONE to enjoy these days- Thanks to the Internet! Because many Corsican radio stations live-feed their broadcasts over the internet, Corsican music can be brought into the home, any time of day, with no additional cost.

Corsican Music Update: In 2011 things got even better. Alta Frequenza now displays the current song playing 'on l'air' with Song Title, Artist Name and a picture of the album cover- Wow! I'm using this ALL the time so I can finally discover who's been singing my favorite Corsican songs and what albums they are on. This is priceless! (I searched 2 years for the identity of two Antoine Ciosi songs- I found out in one afternoon, via Alta, they were on his "Luisa" album, which I immediately ordered from Amazon.fr) Great stuff!

Links to live Corsican Radio Stations:

What do Corsican radio stations play? They broadcast a mix of French, Corsican and eclectic American music, with few repeats or advertisements — which makes listening a real pleasure. Newscasts are delivered in either French or Corsican, which are great for practicing language skills. Even without the music, Corsican radio websites are valuable resources. There you'll read the latest news of Corsica, current weather conditions and information about local events and festivals, all while giving you another opportunity to practice your French.

PC Set-up Instructions for receiving Corsican radio in your own home:

  1. Use with a high-speed connection, like DSL or Cable.
  2. For even better sound, connect a stereo cable from your computer's speaker output to your stereo system.
  3. Confirm your computer has Windows Media Player and REAL player music applications on your computer: If these programs are not on your Windows PC, they can be downloaded and used for free. Choose the “BASIC” RealPlayer at www.real.com, or download Windows Media Player at http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/download/default.asp, following download instructions according to your PC's configuration.
  4. Select an internet Radio station from above list and click on their 'ecouter' Icon to activate the live radio feed into your home computer.

Interested in learning more about Corsican musicians?

  • To read about I Muvrini, see concert photos, or link to their website, click here.
  • To read about L'Alba, see concert photos, or check out their website, click here.


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