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Corsican music makes me happy! It's noble and beautiful and heartfelt with haunting harmonies that reflect a people and culture that I love. And luckily the availability of Corsican music has REALLY blossomed into something easy for ANYONE to enjoy these days- Thanks to the Internet!

  • Once you find a group you like, the internet also provides a number of places to purchase Corsican music. It's great to start a collection, and a lot of the albums on these websites have online song samples, allowing one to preview songs before purchase.

Where to purchase Corsican Music CDs and DVDs, when you're off the island?

1. Corsican websites sites are a great places to window shop and bring a little Corsica into your home... all the while supporting local vendors!

  • For a sampling of the top Corsican music, as well a wonderful array of Corsican products, at www.corseboutique.fr , offers a site is available in english, french or spanish translation.
  • For an in-depth selection of Corsican music, and information about the various musical groups, be sure to visit www.corsicacd.com.

2. Amazon in France, www.amazon.fr, has a reasonably good selection, with shipping costs about the same as Corsica.

3. Amazon in the United States, www.amazon.com caries only the most 'mainstream' Corsican CDs, but with very reasonable shipping costs - the same as anything else ordered domestically.

Interested in learning more about Corsican musicians?

  • To read about I Muvrini, see concert photos, or link to their website, click here.
  • To read about L'Alba , see concert photos, or check out their website, click here.


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