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Any web search using "Corse" (the French word for Corsica) or "Corsica" will produce a number of results. French and Corsican websites will have much more information, however most of them are in French, and some are in Corsican. If you don't want to use a translator (Alta Vista's free Bablefish tanslration works great on French text), you might stick with the English versions.

While few American's visit Corsica, many English join the French, Italians, and Germans visiting Corsica for their summer holidays, which has created a number of books and websites written in English.


Everything you might possibly want to know about Corsica:

Travel links for Airline, Ferry and Train travel to-from, or on-Corsica can be viewed under the Travel Suggestions section of the Corsican Vacation Apartment page. To check out those links, click here.


Corsican Products: (Unfortunately food items are prohibited to the U.S.)

Corsican Holiday Acommodations:

Corsican Outdoor Activites:

Corsican Reference:


Note: A number of French and Corsican websites include a section on their main page called LIENS. These are their OWN listings of recommended websites within their community. Not only is it a great way to learn more about those areas, but you're sure to stumble across some really unique and fascinating websites.

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