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I Muvrini**

is probably the most well-known Corsican music group to come from the Island. For years now, they’ve been playing to huge sell-out crowds all over Europe and Canada. While their presence in the U.S. is less known, they’ve gained ground after playing Carnegie Hall in November 2008.

Founded by brothers Alain and Jean-François Bernadini, their upbeat, lovely melodies blend Corsican, Celtic and African elements to produce their own 'world music'. Their voices are pure, strong and haunting in their beauty as melodies entwine and separate. Jean-François is the lead singer, spokesman, poet and his eclectic ranges of voice, and the songs he composes, are what defines I Muvrini. Meanwhile, Alain provides the real Corsican vocal element with a sweet strength and splendor that grounds the group to its Corsican roots, and their combination is what creates magic.

Joining Jean-François and Alain is a dedicated team of world-class musicians whose instrumentation and voices add sparkle and depth to the melodies. Most notable are the winsome violin and viola player, Laurence Dupuis; César Anot, a talented singer/bass-player from the Ivory Coast; and my favorite, the wind-player Loic Taillebrest, whose dulcet tones produced from his unusual repertoire—bagpipes and Illium Pipes (Irish bagpipes), accordions, tin whistles, clarinets, oboes and wooden flutes—cut right to the heart of beauty. It’s probably this sweet mix of vocal and instrumental perfectionism, which allows their music to keep giving pleasure and never get old.

Despite their world-wide success, they continue to focus on their roots, using their influences and political power to fight for the preservation of Corsica’s pristine environment and culture. They set up a foundation to “AFC Umani” (Association for the Foundation of Corsica, Humanity) to further their efforts. One of their earlier initiatives helped set up schools to teach Corsican children their musical and cultural heritage. Another way they give back to their country is to present a whirlwind of concerts around the entire island for the month of August. As you can see from the pictures, their efforts to encourage children and music includes inviting volunteers from the audience to come play with them onstage. No matter what your age, an evening listening to I Muvrini under the stars on a warm summer evening, on their Giru Corsu is a true Corsican moment, and not to be forgotten.

** I Muvrini translates to Les Mouflons in French - A breed of sheep native to Corsica and Sardinia, which inhabits the more inaccessible parts of these island's mountain ranges.

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