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To glimpse hidden views of Corsica, why not give the Chemin de Fer ( Road of Iron) railway a try? Many scenes are inaccessible any other way...unless you're a wild sanglier or mouflon!

Here are some shots from the railway between Calvi and Ponte Leccia. Departing twice a day, one can make a comfortable half-day round-trip journey, or transfer in Ponte Leccia to Bastia, Ajaccio or beyond.

This train journey begins with intimate views along the shore starting at Calvi, through the center of Algajola and L'Ile Rousse, where lively beach scenes afford plenty of action. As the train turns inward at Monticello, it climbs and twists around rugged mountain cliffs. Village views become more remote but more authentic.

As the train sways and rocks, shooting through the sandy, bug-smeared windows provids a less than ideal photographic opportunity...Yet the beauty of these mountain villages and vistas comes through loud and clear.

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